We called it our journey of a lifetime but knew only one of us would be getting our passport stamped. It was sometime in 2012 we started talking “afterwards” and surreal as it felt to be discussing a future we couldn’t accept, in a weird way it also helped us get there. So much was out of our control and for Brian the fighter that was especially hard to take; building a bucket list of destinations at least put him back in the driver’s seat… even if he didn’t really think I’d make it all the way through them.

This blog follows his posthumous travels as I take him to all the places he nominated, with a few more thrown in. I had hoped to scatter the last of the ashes by July 2024, the tenth anniversary of his death, but COVID-related travel restrictions and a few pesky health issues have blown out the timetable a bit. It has been a rollercoaster decade that has taken me to so many places – and not just geographically – and while some of it has been darker than I ever imagined, there’s no chance I won’t see this commitment through.

Just click on the thumbnails below to take you to the story and photos of that particular drop. Hope you enjoy the adventures and if you want to leave any feedback, please include your name.

(Re the photos… most of them are mine, but some of them aren’t. A few are from friends’ collections or stock photos I’ve used to flesh out collages and I’ve aimed to attribute these where possible.)