We called it our journey of a lifetime but knew only one of us would be getting our passport stamped. It was sometime in 2012 we started talking “afterwards” and surreal as it felt to be discussing a future we couldn’t accept, in a weird way it also helped us get there. So much was out of our control and for Brian the fighter that was especially hard to take… building a bucket list of destinations at least put him back in the driver’s seat, even if he didn’t really expect me to make it all the way through to the end.

I’m determined I will get to all the places he nominated – and a few more besides. This blog follows those posthumous travels and puts them into a context that relates to the life this wonderful man lived. I’ll add more as I tick off further places on the list but happily I can’t see this tour ending any time soon.

Just click on each place to take you to the tale and photos of that particular drop. Hope you enjoy the stories and images, and if you want to leave any feedback, please include your name.

(Re the photos… most of them are mine, but some of them aren’t. A few are from friends’ collections but as file management hasn’t been a strong point getting this project together, I haven’t always referenced that fact. There are also a few stock photos from the ’net that I’ve used to flesh out collages and by rights these should be attributed. I must look into that…)